When she's good, she's very good; when she's bad, she's better

28 September 2012 by Steve Blum
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Governor Jerry Brown has until this Sunday, 30 September 2012, to approve or veto Senate Bill 1161, which would prohibit the California Public Utilities Commission or any other California state agency from regulating “Voice over Internet Protocol and Internet Protocol enabled services” until at least 2020.

The bill is controversial and the debate has been emotional. Advocates say it would clear the decks for continued high tech innovation in California, opponents say it would deregulate big cable and telephone companies and allow them to bully consumers and bury smaller competitors.


Mobile broadband claims don't match truth in California

14 August 2012 by Steve Blum
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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has finished up its first round of mobile broadband field testing, and the results do not support the marketing claims of the carriers.

Sprint doesn’t hit the CPUC’s 6 Mbps download/1.5 Mbps upload benchmark for adequate service anywhere in California. Verizon does the best at 21% of the state. T-Mobile and AT&T manage 10% and 7% respectively. These real world results are dramatically different from what mobile carriers claim to provide.


Embedded impulses

12 October 2011 by Steve Blum
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The machine-to-machine sector is getting a lot of attention this week at the CTIA Enterprise and Applications conference in San Diego. The growth of M2M figured into CEO keynote speeches and panel discussions. AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega called connected devices “the next big thing for mobility.”

The growth is driven in part by the decisions taken by service providers to back out of the hardware and hosting ends of the M2M business, and just provide connectivity.… More

Public perception of broadband rights and dangers challenges regulators, industry

11 October 2011 by Steve Blum
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“Broadband has become to the 21st Century what electricity was the to last century,” said Amy Levine, a special counsel at the FCC and the legal advisor to the chairman, Jules Genachowski. That expectation of universal access was one of the major telecommunications policy drivers identified at the CTIA Enterprise & Applications show today in San Diego.

Levine joined with other regulators and industry representatives for a wide ranging discussion of what each expects from the other.… More

Winners and losers in wireless CEO industry leadership pageant

11 October 2011 by Steve Blum
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CEOs from the big three U.S. mobile phone companies gave keynote speeches at the CTIA Enterprise and Applications conference in San Diego this morning.

It’s a chance for CEOs to step out as industry leaders. Or it’s a chance for them to deliver their sales pitch of the day.

Dan Hesse, the CEO of Sprint Nextel, took the high road. As CTIA chairman this year, he had some extra incentive to play the industry statesman role, but others have had that opportunity and taken a pass on it.… More

M2M: sell the service, not the machine

10 October 2011 by Steve Blum
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Verizon’s approach to the machine-to-machine business is to stop selling hardware and just sell the service. Duncan Sensenich, from their M2M unit, was one of several mobile executives who spoke at Ovum’s M2M seminar at the CTIA Enterprise and Applications conference in San Diego today.

In this case, low expectations might have been the breeding ground for a lower cost, potentially higher profit way of doing business. The M2M segment was traditionally buried in Verizon’s financial reporting and its management structure.… More

Realtime tweets from Pepcom and CTIA, 8 October 2009

Irwin & Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm on stage talking about mobile phone development history, fascinating long view of industry.

Paul: user interface is the killer app, Irwin: iPhone was the major breakthrough.

These guys love their stuff, think critically about how it’s used, best session of the show!

Far out & spot on prediction from Paul Jacobs: mobile phone will become “digital sixth sense”.

John Donovan, ATT CTO, speaking now, interesting so far, outlining wireless data challenges.… More

Real-time tweets from CTIA and Showstoppers, 7 October 2009

Julius Genachowski, FCC chair, CTIA keynote, commends ATT, Verizon for opening iPhone to Internet calls, adopting Android.

Four priorities at FCC, spectrum for 4G, remove obstacles to 4G, “fair” rules of road for Internet, empower consumers.

Ralph de la Vega, ATT CEO up now, thanks Genchowski, but warns of danger of interference.

Ralph saying US mobile industry most innovative, consumer friendly in world, damn we’re great.

Ralph descends into ATT sales pitch, time for a nap.… More

Genchowski has an activist agenda for the FCC

7 October 2009 by Steve Blum
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FCC chairman Julius Genachowski delivered the opening keynote at the CTIA IT and Entertainment conference today. He offered good of idea of what he has in store for the industry, and gave us a feeling for who he is.

If you take him at face value, the FCC is going to be the wireless industry’s best friend. And the consumer’s best friend. In fact, everybody’s best friend.

Genchowski unveiled what he called the FCC’s mobile broadband agenda:

1.… More

Carriers can't rock and roll

6 October 2009 by Steve Blum
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AT&T’s Rob Hyatt and Verizon’s Ed Ruth spoke today about the music business at the Mobile Entertainment conference at the CTIA show in San Diego. Neither were upbeat about their success to date, and both seemed to be waiting for something to happen. They seemed to define that something as “innovation” in the market place, but what they really seemed to want are innovations that allow them to keep music downloads and streaming within their walled gardens.… More