Real-time tweets from CTIA and Showstoppers, 7 October 2009

Julius Genachowski, FCC chair, CTIA keynote, commends ATT, Verizon for opening iPhone to Internet calls, adopting Android.

Four priorities at FCC, spectrum for 4G, remove obstacles to 4G, “fair” rules of road for Internet, empower consumers.

Ralph de la Vega, ATT CEO up now, thanks Genchowski, but warns of danger of interference.

Ralph saying US mobile industry most innovative, consumer friendly in world, damn we’re great.

Ralph descends into ATT sales pitch, time for a nap.

David Ko Yahoo Mobile SVP up now, he’s excited about Yahoo’s ads.

Ko hands off to tacky home page demo, abuse of a captive audience IMHO, l8r dood.

At Showstoppers event at CTIA show, saw some interesting companies and products.

FloTV is potential disruptor. Originally delivered streaming video for Verizon and ATT, now going direct to consumers.

FloTV will be selling something like 16 TV channels nationwide, via UHF channel 55, for $9 per month.

FloTV demonstrated branded mobile device with $249 price point, but no reason to think their market is limited to mobile subs.

FloTV essentially $9 per month basic cable with streaming news, sports & such. Get rest off air & by download, bye bye cable.

BOLT browser launched out of beta by Bitstream, heats up browser competition, further tilts market away from native apps.

Virgin Mobile showing first nationwide pay-go mobile broadband. $149 dongle, buy bandwidth in $10 or more increments. showing browser to browser VOIP, not revolutionary but still a neat angle that’ll find a market.

Intermap has Accuterra service, runs on iPhone, links GPS data to downloaded maps of parks, wildlands, fine for tourists.

Talked to Zer01 Mobile, claims unlimited data & voice for $70/month, lots of holes in their story though.

Mobile devs aligning into 2 camps: those who do & don’t play nice with iPhone. Is iPhone the Apple II of smartphones?

Quick look around the press room at CTIA, nearly everyone using Macs, even the guy from PC World magazine.