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CPUC puts muni ownership option on the table, asks tough questions about Frontier’s bankruptcy plan 6 August 2020, by Steve Blum -

Frontier verizon pole santa barbara county 10oct2015

Frontier Communications didn’t get a bankruptcy fast pass from the California Public Utilities Commission. Instead, a ruling yesterday by commissioner Martha Guzman Aceves sets out a long list of issues that Frontier must address before its bankruptcy exit plan is approved by the CPUC, including its impact on customers and communities, and the role of ... continue reading »

Frontier says bankruptcy won’t change California service quality. CPUC must decide if that’s good news 5 August 2020, by Steve Blum -

Frontier Communications wants the California Public Utilities Commission to blindly bless its bankruptcy exit plan. Yesterday, it filed statements from two executives who argued that the financial restructuring and resulting change in ownership won’t have any effect on the more than two million Californians in its footprint.

“Service quality will at least be maintained”, Frontier’s head of lobbying and lawyering, Mark Nielsen said. That’s because “the restructuring ... continue reading »

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Tellus Venture Associates helps communities develop broadband policies, programs and networks that will attract new businesses and jobs, revitalize commercial and industrial areas and deliver state-of-the-art resources to residents and businesses.
Services include broadband planning, partnership and funding development, feasibility studies, policy drafts, RFPs, staff reports, and evaluation, negotiation and implementation of projects.