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Microtrenching bill lands in California senate with the wrong answer to the right question 7 April 2020, by Steve Blum -


Microtrenching – cutting a narrow slit in a road, inserting fiber and sealing it with glue – is an excellent tool that can result in faster broadband infrastructure deployment at lower costs. But like any tool, it’s only useful when it suits the job at hand. One of the main reasons – I’d say the main reason – the ... continue reading »

Future proof broadband infrastructure for “all Californians” is goal of new senate bill 6 April 2020, by Steve Blum -

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With the aim of ensuring “all Californians will gain access to broadband that is ready for the 21st century”, a coalition of broadband advocacy groups and independent broadband companies are sponsoring a bill that would undo the self-serving damage that monopoly model telcos and cable companies, and their allies, did to the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) in 2017.

Senate bill ... continue reading »

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Tellus Venture Associates helps communities develop broadband policies, programs and networks that will attract new businesses and jobs, revitalize commercial and industrial areas and deliver state-of-the-art resources to residents and businesses.
Services include broadband planning, partnership and funding development, feasibility studies, policy drafts, RFPs, staff reports, and evaluation, negotiation and implementation of projects.