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Modern, future proof broadband gets a hearing in the California senate today, with public call in comments allowed 26 May 2020, by Steve Blum -

A faster and modern broadband speed standard for California is scheduled for its first hearing at the state capitol this afternoon. Senate bill 1130 by Lena Gonzalez (D – Los Angeles) is set for a vote by the California senate’s energy, utilities and communications committee.

The hearing will be conducted partly in person, in the cavernous senate chamber, and partly online. One beneficial side ... continue reading »

AT&T continues 5GEvolution scam despite advertising industry’s slapdown 22 May 2020, by Steve Blum -

Att customer evolution

A self-regulating body set up by the advertising industry slapped down AT&T’s strategy of conning mobile subscribers into thinking that they’re getting 5G service when they’re really connected to a 4G network. The National Advertising Review Board (NARB), which is run by the Better Business Bureau, concluded that AT&T’s decision to slap a ... continue reading »

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Tellus Venture Associates helps communities develop broadband policies, programs and networks that will attract new businesses and jobs, revitalize commercial and industrial areas and deliver state-of-the-art resources to residents and businesses.
Services include broadband planning, partnership and funding development, feasibility studies, policy drafts, RFPs, staff reports, and evaluation, negotiation and implementation of projects.