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California’s net neutrality law needs a little bit of help from its tech friends 22 October 2018 -

Only one group jumped in as a friend of the court – an amicus curiae – to help the federal justice department, and lobbyists for AT&T, Comcast, Charter Communications and Frontier Communications in their quest to kill California’s new network neutrality law. One point made – that California’s Internet law won’t stop at the Nevada line – can only be answered with technical expertise.

The friend was, of course, another group of lobbyists, which rather grandly calls itself the Chamber of Commerce of the United ... continue reading »

California broadband promotion, access grant program oversubscribed 21 October 2018 -

Thirty three organisations – non-profits, and local government and educational agencies – asked the California Public Utilities Commission for a total of $8.4 million to pay for broadband education and access efforts – broadband adoption programs, as the California legislature labels it. A $20 million broadband adoption kitty was established by assembly bill 1665 last year, to ease the political pain of turning the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) into a $300 million gift to AT&T and Frontier Communications.

The initial application window ... continue reading »

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