Clients and projects

Tellus Venture Associates maintains strict confidentiality concerning the proprietary research, analysis and consultation we perform for clients. Since 1996 we have provided management consulting, business plan development assistance, market analysis and strategic guidance to dozens of ventures involving new digital products and services destined for the consumer and enterprise markets, including…

New Venture Development

  • IPTV business plan, venture funding and market potential
  • Digital signage market entrant
  • WiMAX and WiFi-based municipal and community broadband services,
  • Fiber to the home (FTTH) broadband systems offering TV, phone and Internet service, for private developers, homeowners associations and municipalities,
  • Information technology ventures leveraging proven consumer business models,
  • Next generation DBS systems in Asia/Pacific, Africa and North America,
  • Internet radio product and service introduction,
  • Consumer electronics product management for satellite radio ventures,
  • Opportunity evaluations for satellite Internet and data ventures,
  • Partnership development and marketing planning for new technologies,
  • Business plan development for new multimedia content services,
  • Business plan and application development for atmospheric satellites,
  • Business development counsel for start-ups.

Strategic Planning

  • Complete feasibility study and business model development for municipal and private community broadband ventures,
  • Strategic planning for DBS ventures in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia/Pacific,
  • Strategic evaluations for the satellite manufacturing industry,
  • Global digital technology and service tracking for high technology component and equipment manufacturers,
  • Public relations and marketing counsel.

Investment Analysis

  • Business case evaluation and due diligence research for municipal bond financing of broadband ventures,
  • Due diligence research for satellite radio and information technology investments,
  • Market analyses for new television networks,
  • Competitive analyses of digital terrestrial and cable services.

Market Evaluation

  • Feasibility studies of wireless broadband for municipalities and communities.
  • Analysis of greenfield and overbuild FTTH opportunities in private developments,
  • Market evaluations for DBS proposals in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa,
  • Digital audio/video market studies for electronics manufacturers and retailers,
  • Sales forecasts for new broadcasting and information technology.