Realtime tweets from Pepcom and CTIA, 8 October 2009

Irwin & Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm on stage talking about mobile phone development history, fascinating long view of industry.

Paul: user interface is the killer app, Irwin: iPhone was the major breakthrough.

These guys love their stuff, think critically about how it’s used, best session of the show!

Far out & spot on prediction from Paul Jacobs: mobile phone will become “digital sixth sense”.

John Donovan, ATT CTO, speaking now, interesting so far, outlining wireless data challenges.

Donovan slowly slipping from interesting talk into ATT briefing, almost defensive about tech choices.

Donovan managing to balance ATT pitch with industry high view, talk is substantive.

Increased focus on integrating social nets into unified communications platforms, new stuff from Trilibis, RocketVox at last night’s Pepcom event.

RocketVox looks like the best of breed so far, goes live next Tuesday, will check it out.

Roambi showing platform for translating spreadsheets to mobile medium, adds killer graphics.