Playing with augmented reality

Great way to meet new friends.

It'll be small development companies like Sphero that turn wearable computing products like Vuzix's headset mounted smart phone video display into genuine augmented reality (AR) devices.

The Boulder, Colorado based company already has a neat gizmo on the market. It's a white plastic sphere about the size of a tennis ball that glows in different colors and rolls around on the floor, powered by an internal motor. You control it with an iOS or Android app via a Bluetooth link.… More

Useful augmented reality not so far over the horizon

14 January 2013 by Steve Blum
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Wearable, but not quite a fashion accessory yet.

An augmented reality (AR) product showed promise at last week's CES. Vuzix was showing its boom-mounted smart phone display. It's not light enough yet to mount on a pair of regular eyeglasses, but with a dedicated headset it's comfortably wearable.

The video display is small, but it's always in front of you and at most requires a brief glance to read. Right now AR apps require you to hold a smart phone up in front of you to see a data overlay on reality – the names of streets, say, or product information in stores.… More

First practical augmented reality marketing platform: SightSpace from LCi

The first breakout augmented reality product for the consumer market could be LCi ‘s (Limitless Computing Inc.) SightSpace platform, which was demoed at the ShowStoppers event last night at CES.

It’s easy enough to use, does what it says it will do and has a direct path to major marketing support and revenue from mainstream brands.

SightSpace lets you preview how new furniture or a kitchen remodel or just a fresh coat of paint will look in your home.… More

Realtime tweets from Pepcom and CTIA, 8 October 2009

Irwin & Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm on stage talking about mobile phone development history, fascinating long view of industry.

Paul: user interface is the killer app, Irwin: iPhone was the major breakthrough.

These guys love their stuff, think critically about how it’s used, best session of the show!

Far out & spot on prediction from Paul Jacobs: mobile phone will become “digital sixth sense”.

John Donovan, ATT CTO, speaking now, interesting so far, outlining wireless data challenges.… More