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Tennessee says muni broadband law limits cities not service 24 November 2015 -

The Federal Communications Commission went beyond the bounds of regulating interstate telecommunications when it issued an order that preempted state restrictions on municipal broadband systems in Tennessee and North Carolina. That’s one of two core arguments that the state of Tennessee made yesterday as it rebutted the FCC’s defence of the order in a federal appeals court case

The Order contains none of the hallmarks of interstate communications policy regulation; it is neither neutral nor ... continue reading »

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  • Broadband subsidies collide in the California desert

    Broadband subsidies collide in the California desert

    Up, down, who cares? This is as fast as I go. The 3,800 homes in the Anza area of Riverside County are a big step closer to getting fiber to the home broadband service from the local electric cooperative. The California Public Utilities Commission published a draft decision on Friday …Read More
  • Next round looms in muni broadband preemption fight

    Next round looms in muni broadband preemption fight

    Responses from the states of Tennessee and North Carolina to the Federal Communication Commission’s defence of its preemption of their restrictions on municipal broadband are due later this week. My expectation is that they’ll gloss over most of the counter arguments offered by the FCC and several other groups that …Read More
  • Sailfish mobile OS development is shuddering to a halt

    Sailfish mobile OS development is shuddering to a halt

    Another attempt to build an alternative to the Android mobile operating system is circling ever closer to the drain. A Nokia spin-off, Jolla, is laying off about half of its employees because an expected new round of investment didn’t come through. That means that development of its Sailfish operating system …Read More

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