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Comcast offers California a few crumbs 19 April 2015 -

Not what the CPUC was thinking of ordering.

It’s almost certainly too little, too late, but Comcast has offered a few concessions to the California Public Utilities Commission, in the hopes of gaining approval for its proposed mega-merger and market swap with Time Warner and Charter. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, Comcast came to a public meeting in LA last week with a much lighter alternative to the ... continue reading »

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  • Google’s Project Loon floats a business model

    Google’s Project Loon floats a business model

    Click for the video. Project Loon isn’t so loony, according to the latest Google video about the project. In it, Mike Cassidy, the Project Loon team lead, said that they’ve figured out how to scale up from single test launches in New Zealand and California to dozens of launches a …Read More
  • Even Google needs video to compete against broadband incumbents

    Even Google needs video to compete against broadband incumbents

    Cut the cord carefully, if you bleed Dodger blue. Video is an essential part of high speed broadband service. That’s the conclusion that Google has apparently reached. Google Fiber exec Milo Medin spoke at a conference in Florida earlier this week and, according to a story in Fierce Telecom, said… …Read More
  • Comcast sings the same old tune in LA

    Comcast sings the same old tune in LA

    You weren’t expecting a new act, were you? It doesn’t look like any progress was made at a California Public Utilities Commission-supervised meeting between Comcast, its would-be mega-merger allies and opponents of the deal in Los Angeles on Tuesday. I was thinking of flying down to LA to see the …Read More

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