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Mobile OS security gains strength as a selling proposition 4 December 2016 -

They mind their own business.

A reason for Sailfish’s existence, and perhaps even for the $12 million investment it received earlier this year is becoming clearer. It’s an alternative mobile operating system – a competitor to Android and iOS – that arose from the ashes of Nokia’s MeeGo operating system, which was scrapped when Microsoft bought the company.

But it didn’t buy everything and the Finnish engineers who stayed behind started a new company, Jolla, and kept working on it. And ... continue reading »

Another net neutrality skeptic lands at the FCC 3 December 2016 -

Telecoms policy solidifies.

A third, like minded crew member beamed down to the Trump transition’s landing team at the Federal Communications Commission this week. Roslyn Layton was named to the volunteer position and, together with previous appointees Jeffrey Eisenach and Mark Jamison, will help manage the transition from an Obama-appointed democratic majority to a Trump-appointed republican one.

Like Jamison and Eisenach, Layton has links to the American Enterprise Institute, a right-of-center consulting shop, and works as a consultant and in academia, albeit with ... continue reading »

Tellus Venture Associates helps communities develop broadband policies, programs and networks that will attract new businesses and jobs, revitalize commercial and industrial areas and deliver state-of-the-art resources to residents and businesses.
Services include broadband planning, partnership and funding development, feasibility studies, policy drafts, RFPs, staff reports, and evaluation, negotiation and implementation of projects.