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Everyone is wireless, who cares if copper is crap AT&T tells CPUC 31 July 2015 -

Apple pie versus orange pie.

In a refreshingly honest, lay-your-cards-on-the-table move, AT&T told the California Public Utilities Commission that it shouldn’t bother investigating the condition of wireline phone systems in the state, because

The number of wireline customers is now a small fraction of the Communications market. As of 2013, wireline customers made up only 20% of the market…Just five years prior, the wireline market was 35%.

Thus, not only is the wireline share very small, it is ... continue reading »

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  • <em>Come and take us away</em>, Verizon’s employees tell Frontier

    <em>Come and take us away</em>, Verizon’s employees tell Frontier

    Hey! I’m over here. Verizon’s unionised workforce in California want a new boss. The Communications Workers of America (CWA) dropped its previous opposition to Frontier Communication’s purchase of Verizon’s wireline telephone systems in California, after reaching an agreement with Frontier to extend the current union contract for two years, with …Read More
  • Frontier tells CPUC it can fix Verizon’s problems

    Frontier tells CPUC it can fix Verizon’s problems

    Been there, done that. Frontier Communications already knows how to upgrade Verizon’s ageing copper telephone networks and make them broadband capable, according to Melinda White, president of Frontier’s western region, which includes California. “We’ve done this before with Verizon so we’re very familiar with the products, and attributes of this …Read More

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