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Californian WISPs argue for exclusive right to offer poor service at a high price 12 February 2016 -

True. Someone needs to think smarter.

A couple of fixed wireless operators are fighting a rear guard action against a fiber to the home project in Nevada City. Approved for a $16 million California Advanced Services Fund subsidy by the California Public Utilities Commission in December, the Bright Fiber project would bring FTTH service to about 2,000 homes in the Nevada City area. Smarter Broadband and ColfaxNet don’t like that: they’ve gotten used to selling slow and expensive service to ... continue reading »

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  • Big incumbents turn up giga-game heat

    Big incumbents turn up giga-game heat

    Comcast and AT&T see high speed broadband opportunity in many of the same places. The two companies will go head to head with gigabit offerings (or at least giga-somethings) in five markets, according to a story by Sean Buckley in FierceTelecom… Comcast has made its intent clear: it’s finally going …Read More
  • Wheeler keeps muni broadband cards close to chest

    Wheeler keeps muni broadband cards close to chest

    Muni broadband? Never heard of it. Eight republican senators, including presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler asking four questions about municipal broadband (h/t to the Baller Herbst list for the pointer). Or it might have been eight separate letters – doesn’t matter. …Read More
  • Cable lobby keeps shovelling false figures at California broadband policymakers

    Cable lobby keeps shovelling false figures at California broadband policymakers

    I participated on a broadband funding panel, organised by the California Broadband Council at its meeting last week. Other panelists included telephone and cable industry representatives and a wireless Internet service provider. Much of the discussion was about the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) – the state’s primary broadband infrastructure …Read More

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