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Trump touts broadband lipstick in Iowa, but will he put it on a pig? 24 June 2017 -

Broadband is now explicitly included in president Donald Trump’s planned trillion dollar infrastructure program. Up until now, his focus has been on big civil engineering projects, like roads, bridges and dams. But Trump made it clear in a speech in Iowa earlier this week that telecoms infrastructure will be included…

If we continue to train our workers in these new technologies, then we will usher in a new era of prosperity for American agriculture and for the ... continue reading »

California cities meet wave of mobile carrier land grabs 23 June 2017 -

I’ve been involved in several meetings between mobile infrastructure companies and staff from various California cities over the past couple of months. There’s a new gold rush going on now. And mobile carriers – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint – are running around trying to do deals with cities ahead of 5G and pre-5G network upgrades. They want to put “small cells” on street lights and other city-owned vertical assets. Deals which might be preempted in their ... continue reading »

Tellus Venture Associates helps communities develop broadband policies, programs and networks that will attract new businesses and jobs, revitalize commercial and industrial areas and deliver state-of-the-art resources to residents and businesses.
Services include broadband planning, partnership and funding development, feasibility studies, policy drafts, RFPs, staff reports, and evaluation, negotiation and implementation of projects.