Web resource turns a four day weekend into five

26 November 2013 by Steve Blum
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Hitting the road Wednesday morning turns this long Thanksgivukkah weekend into a short, 5-day week’s vacation. To help you and your co-workers make the great escape, TDA_Boulder, a small Colorado ad agency, has built a perfect online resource: the Happy Hour Virus.

You’re free. As in speech. And maybe soon as in beer!

You can select from three different screens that will make your computer look like it’s so dead that you have no choice but to duck out the door. For us Mac users, there’s an authentic kernel panic screen that includes restart instructions in English, French, Polish and German…

Sie müssen Ihren Computer neu starten. Halten Sie dazu die Einschalttaste einige Sekunden gedrückt oder drücken Sie die Neustart-Taste.

To better make your point, read the German version aloud to your co-workers. It sounds more authoritative as you’re marching out to your car.

If you have a second display, open up another browser window and click “Broken Monitor” to get a thoroughly discouraging hash of video noise. Those of you still using Windows can get the classic Blue Screen of Death…

A problem has been detected and your computer has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

If you click to the TDA_Boulder website instead, you’ll find they have helpful links to tools that will protect you from the dangers of combining a festive drink with social media posting, and give you a way to gauge exactly how much holiday cheer you’ve consumed.

There’s no love for Linux users, but face it, there’s little need. If you’re rocking a Linux box, you’re smart enough to break your computer yourself.