Tweets from Showstoppers at CES, 8 January 2009

  • New adult IPTV platform sez 5K subs at launch a month ago, 27K more signed up & waiting for equipment. STB, basic lineup: $10/mo. Some biz models are recession proof.
  • HD downloads caching on 1GB USB stick on Fyretv roadmap. Subs buy content but store it on Fyretv servers. Miami HQ, headend in Dallas colo.
  • Fyretv OEMs STBs in China: Broadcom 7401 chip, mostly text & menu-based inhouse user interface on Linux kernel. No content storage, streaming only. All the standard gozintas and gozoutas, plus USB for expandability. But not for content storage.
  • Tiki Tag puts RFID chips on cheap stickers, lets you attach metadata to your stuff, makes smart biz cards.
  • large format ebook reader, made out of plastic. Very cool. Unfortunately, not on market until 2010.
  • AT&T CruiseCast is Sat TV to cars. 22 channels now, via 20 cm x 10 cm mechanically tracking antenna on car roof.
  • CruiseCast runs off Intelsat Ku bird, managed by RaySat. In aftermarket now, targeting auto OEM eventually.
  • CruiseCast competition: digital broadcast TV, mobile phone carriers, recorded content. How much backseat video is enough?
  • Via Technologies is another player in the netbook game. Product looks good, not game changing.
  • MeeBox. Home media center, 1TB storage with 1TB backup, does the usual movies, music, etc. thing.
  • Autonet aggregates many cellular data carriers into single service, provides more robust Internet access in car. Biz play.
  • HP showing netbooks. Product is pretty ordinary, but brand will carry it just fine.

From the Showstoppers event at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.