Live from CES, Friday, 9 January 2009

Last to first, real-time tweets from Las Vegas

  • On my way home, via Virgin America. An excellent CES, could have stayed longer.
  • TEC seminar takeaway: development needs financial, institutional, information & energy infrastructure.
  • Chambers’ development keynote devolved into a tacky Cisco sales pitch.
  • Cisco CEO John Chambers, standard corporate stump speech, interesting but generic.
  • Windmill powers mobile phones & radio, info gained lets farmer grow & sell crops efficiently.
  • Mobile phones primary IT platform in developing countries.
  • William Kamkwaba from Malawi read library books, built windmill, powers village.
  • Technology can help with 2 critical needs in developing world: finance & energy.
  • 5 types of capital: financial, institutional, knowledge, human, cultural.
  • Barrett finishes, room empties. Development panel will be more interesting but not a big draw.
  • Barrett: small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.
  • microcredit powered by web, supports low tech entrepreneurs.
  • Telemedicine & health education applications, including learning games.
  • Technology & Emerging Countries seminar at CES. Intel chair Craig Barrett speaking now.
  • Murata Manufacturing showing a robot that rides a miniaturized bicycle. Interesting proof of technology.
  • CEATEC breakfast interesting. Nissan car is tricked out with all kinds of detectors, called a “non-collision vehicle.”