Blueseed and Bitcoin converge on peer-to-peer sovereignty and currency

22 June 2013 by Steve Blum
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Free-floating money gets a ride on a free and floating colony.

Two hardcore libertarian projects have joined forces in what might be the start of a new economy that’s outside the normal reach of national governments. Or it could just be the sharp poke in the eye that provokes a potentially fatal response from authorities.

BitAngels, a startup fund fueled by Bitcoins, is putting the equivalent of $100,000 into Blueseed, which proposes to moor a cruise ship twelve miles off the Northern California coast, just outside of U.S.… More

The weather is here

22 December 2012 by Steve Blum
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A stormy morning on Monterey Bay got me thinking about Blueseed, a plan to anchor a high-tech haven twelve nautical miles off the San Mateo County coast, in international waters.

It looks like a floating city in conceptual images, but if it actually puts to sea version 1.0 would have to be a converted cruise ship. If it takes off, then maybe enough capital will be there for custom ship building. For now, they’re working with a six-figure seed fund.… More