Real time tweets from Showstoppers at CES 2010

7 January 2010 by Steve Blum
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PlaticLogics QUE Pro Reader
 PlasticLogic promises and delivers
PlasticLogic is back with a real product this year, was worth the wait, $649 to $799 for coolest pro-level e-book reader.

PlasticLogic QUE Pro Reader delivers newspapers, displays work documents, has PIM functions, wireless connectivity.

Screen 10.7 inches diagonal, unit 8.5×11 total, wafer thin, light as feather, at top of a crowded category.

Xyxio has breakout potential although it’s a headscratcher at first look, control a computer with your breath.

Xyxio is a technology company, offers means to create devices that are breath controlled and do the same thing as a mouse.

Can use to control GPS while driving, combine breath control with voice input, real potential for disabled people.

Xyxio isn’t a gamechanger but has potential to make a lot of things a little more useful in ways never considered.

Sanyo demoing electric bike, motor won’t run unless you pedal a bit, not much of a workout but a hell of a lot of fun.

Sanyo Eneloop electric bike
 If Lance had one he’d still be with Sheryl
Zaggbox is a home media aggregator, also aggregates your gizmos, control all your boxes with one remote.

Siemens Gigaset turns your home phone system into a Bluetooth accessory for your mobile phone.

Mobile phone rings, answer it using your landline handset, no running around the house looking for the damn thing.

iMate is ruggedized GSM smartphone, works underwater, can run over it with a car, $700, not Mythbusters tested yet though.

iMate mil spec GSM smartphone
 At least you’ll know where it is
Vu is showing a teeping platform costing $3,500 without monitor, really glorified video conferencing, nice stuff anyway.

FastPencil is online collaboration/coaching/publishing for would-be authors.

Big Brother, take 1: Tiwi is realtime GPS tracker for teen drivers, tells parents if they misbehave or go out of bounds.

Big Brother, take 2: Datecheck is web service powered by Internet snoop Intelius, “Look up before you hook up”.

PogoPlug lets you feed video content from a hard drive to a mobile phone, does transcoding into H.264 and Flash.

PogoPlug streams your video on Internet, managed via their portal, say they’ll shut you down if you violate their TOS.

Evolution Robotics showing a hardwood floor cleaning robot, costs $250, sorta mops up with a swiffer.

Very cool idea by Shapeways, upload a 3D diagram, they print out a 3D model of it and send it to you.

You can make toys, prototypes, rings, special items for events, cost goes from a few bucks to maybe $100.

Avermedia showing a gizmo that feeds video into a PC off air, then makes it available to you and your friends over the web.

Avermedia’s technology looks good but the service model is not lawyer-tested.

IFA presentation interesting, neat history, would make for a nice trip in September.

Fraunhofer up now talking about home telepresence.

It’s a wrap: another great Showstoppers, quality time with smart people showing interesting stuff, good food and drinks. Thanks!