Real time tweets from Showstoppers at CES 2010

7 January 2010 by Steve Blum
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PlaticLogics QUE Pro Reader
 PlasticLogic promises and delivers
PlasticLogic is back with a real product this year, was worth the wait, $649 to $799 for coolest pro-level e-book reader.

PlasticLogic QUE Pro Reader delivers newspapers, displays work documents, has PIM functions, wireless connectivity.

Screen 10.7 inches diagonal, unit 8.5×11 total, wafer thin, light as feather, at top of a crowded category.

Xyxio has breakout potential although it’s a headscratcher at first look, control a computer with your breath.

Xyxio is a technology company, offers means to create devices that are breath controlled and do the same thing as a mouse.… More