Live from the Oulu wireless technology conference in San Jose

Real time Tweets from the Discover Oulu wireless technology conference in San Jose on 18 November 2008…

  • At Oulu wireless conference in San Jose, per Purnima Kochikar, Nokia biz dev: Indian mobile users buying 10 rupee (25 cent) prepay cards. Devices are status symbols in developing world, services aren’t. People will buy smartphone but not service, just to put the phone on a table at a meeting. 11:20 AM Nov 18th.
  • 1,000 radios per person in near term. Interesting prediction from expert panel. Means power & spectrum challenges. Opportunities too. 11:34 AM Nov 18th.
  • Green is The Word. ICT accounts for 2% of global carbon, panel says will grow to 6%, more than air travel. What is ICT offsetting? 11:38 AM Nov 18th.
  • Craig Barrett, Intel chair, speaking to Oulu conference. Saying nice things about Finland. 12:57 PM Nov 18th.
  • Barret speaking without script or TelePrompTer, very engaging. Interesting speaker, so far focusing on historical perspective. 1:05 PM Nov 18th.
  • Barrett thinks we have at least 15 years to go on Moore’s Law. Sees complementary trend in telecom with bandwidth doubling every 18 months. 1:09 PM Nov 18th.
  • Barrett: bringing advanced telecom technology to developing world is key to future growth. 1:21 PM Nov 18th.
  • Sriram Viswanathan, Intel Capital, doing live WiMAX demo. Don’t doubt Intel is betting big on WiMAX. 1:24 PM Nov 18th.
  • Craig Barrett: “People over 40 sometimes stand in the way of technology because they’re overly worried about security, while people under 30 couldn’t care less.” 1:35 PM Nov 18th.
  • Barrett echoing prediction about a thousand – maybe thousands- of radios per person. 1:37 PM Nov 18th.
  • Barrett: telemedicine & advanced ICT key to delivering health care to developing world. can provide supporting financial tools. 1:45 PM Nov 18th.
  • Barrett: disruptive technologies include WiMAX in telecom, 3D graphics for entertainment, OLPC type devices for global education. 1:58 PM Nov 18th.
  • Barrett: been through 11 recessions, you can’t save your way out of a recession, you have to invest. 2:02 PM Nov 18th.