Live from CTIA 2 April 2009: real time tweets

Checking out ISC show at Sands, lots of vendors, buyers & energy. Bull market for security these days.

vendors split between ISC & CTIA, focus is on 2.5 GHz for Clearwire, lots of competition at other frequencies.

Back at CTIA, LTE has the support of the big guns at this show. WiMAX US hopes are pinned on Clearwire, more happening internationally though.

Finally found disruption! is phone-top publishing, can do for mobile apps what Pagemaker did for newsletters.

Magmito has three revenue streams: ads, SMS, white label sites. Platform lets Grandma build a mobile phone app.

IMS/NGN Forum working on common mobile standards from within system. Is there middle ground between open source & walled gardens?

Multitech Systems
started making modems 38 years ago in a Minneapolis basement, now building M2M radios.

Multitech puts chips in defibrillators to talk to ERs. And other apps. Could be key to Craig Barrett’s 1,000 radio per person vision.

makes Wimax 802.16e CPE (and mobile USB dongle) chips for Clearwire, others. Competes with Sequans, hope both win. Slick user hardware will make the WiMAX biz model.

Another happy hour on CTIA show floor with free drinks. Good vibe, good show, not a bad business to be in given the economy.

Leaving CTIA and Las Vegas with optimism. Looking forward to ride home on Virgin America. Disco balls & WiFi – the perfect airline.