The municipal broadband policy bank is open

15 July 2015 by Steve Blum
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Withdrawals are free, deposits are welcome.

Writing good broadband policy is a lot easier when you start with good examples. So thanks to a nudge from the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership, I finally got around to doing something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time: post a collection of the best local broadband development policies that I know.

The result is the new Policy Bank page on this website. It has several examples – in both pdf and source formats – of dig once policies, specifications for conduit, requirements for newly constructed (or significantly remodelled) homes and businesses, tools for managing broadband assets, permitting practices, master leases for telecoms facilities, broadband master plans and general plans. And staff reports that provide the factual and policy basis for city council and board of supervisors adoption.

The bank is heavily weighted toward examples from California, because that’s where I am. Top picks include the comprehensive package adopted and implemented by the City of Santa Cruz (and a generic version I ripped off adapted), as well as specific policies from Berkeley, San Francisco and Santa Cruz County. I had some input into a few of the policies, but what’s posted is primarily the work of creative, forward thinking staff.

In some cases, the source files will look a little funky. Where the originals weren’t available, I used PDF Pen Pro to do the conversion and then did some proofing and tidying up. The text should be clean but I won’t guarantee it at the 100% level, so please proof read anything you use. And if you spot a discrepancy, please let me know.

It’s definitely a work in progress. If you know about about additional examples or topics that should be included, please send them my way. All suggestions and contributions are welcome and appreciated.