Real Time Tweets from Showstoppers at 2010 CTIA Enterprise and Applications conference

F-Secure doing anti-virus, background app monitoring software for mob phones, downloads & runs just like anti-v for computers #showstoppers

F-Secure supports Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian now, sez iPhone and RIM in process #showstoppers #ctia

The Borg are invading the Enterprise (market), DeviceAnywhere selling racks to imprison phones & software to torture them #showstoppers

DeviceAnywhere hosts 2,000 phones & sells remote access to developers for testing, lashes them into racks like Borg mothership #showstoppers

Now IT depts can build mobile phone daughter ships using DeviceAnywhere racks & test enterprise apps on many phones at once #showstoppers

aisle411 wants to provide shelf by shelf, row by row info on where to find products in big box stores #showstoppers

aisle411 sez they can get 90% accuracy by asking shoppers to update product locations voluntarily, 99% if stores give the info #showstoppers

Pull out your iPhone in HomeDepot & ask for drill bits, scan bar code & get reviews, but won’t do price comparison #showstoppers

Guys might like aisle411 if it cuts shopping time & need to ask directions, not everyone wants to diminish shopping tho #showstoppers

aisle411 will find niche when RFID tagging is ubiquitous in, but conflicted biz model needs happy stores, not happy customers #showstoppers

Seven Networks makes contact, calendar, platform for carriers and OEMs, providing a free MobileMe clone for Samsung #showstoppers

No more guy directions on GPS nav units, Navteq testing “natural guidance” like go through second light & turn at yellow house #showstoppers

Navteq sez it’s directions like friends would give you, OK, but it depends on which friends #showstoppers

 OK, Windows via iPad, but please wash
 your hands afterwards
KineticD offering free remote access apps for Windoze and Macs, access on iPad & iPhone via RDP & VNC #showstoppers

Remote access suites are free, KineticD uses it to promote paid secure cloud storage, good apps, good marketing, good karma #showstoppers

Still, it’s unnatural to watch someone operate a Windoze machine on an iPad #kineticd #showstoppers

One OS to rule them all, One OS to find them, One OS to bring them all and in the darkness bind them #showstoppers

Starttalking does Android app that lets you address & write txt messages via voice, with no hands or eyes #showstoppers

StartTalking SMS app is free, will have premium app that does email, Twitter, Facebook, will support iPhone, RIM next year #showstoppers

Millennial Media is an old idea for new media, sells remnant ad inventory from mobile publishers to major brand advertisers #showstoppers

Damaka does mobile video conferencing between 4 users on peer to peer basis – want to stream a live concert to your friends?… More