CPUC on track for broadband consortia funding approval

15 February 2012 by Steve Blum
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It’s not over until it’s over, but it looks like everything is set for seven more regional broadband consortia to be approved by the California Public Utilities Commission in the morning.

The funding resolution is a consent item, number 11 on the Commission’s agenda. As of close of business today, no one has asked to hold it for a later meeting or move it off of the consent agenda. No revisions have been posted since last Friday, 10 February 2012.… More

Seven more California regional broadband consortia up for funding

5 February 2012 by Steve Blum
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California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) staff are recommending approval of the remaining seven regional broadband consortia grant requests. The full commission is set to vote on the recommendation at its 16 February 2012 meeting.

In December, the commission funded the first seven of the fifteen applications it received and rejected another that did not meet minimum application requirements. The remaining seven consortia were provisionally endorsed, but told to work with CPUC staff to further develop their proposals, particularly where definitions of deliverables were concerned.… More

Ready for the CPUC vote on regional broadband consortia this morning

1 December 2011 by Steve Blum
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The meeting starts at 9:00 a.m. The two consortia resolutions come up later in the agenda, item 47. As of last night, the item was still on the table, however once the meeting starts, it’s possible that a commissioner could ask that it be held over to a later meeting. There’s no particular reason to think that might happen, though.
I’ll post here as soon as I can after the vote. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter: SteveBlum.

CPUC decides regional consortia grants on Thursday

30 November 2011 by Steve Blum
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The final resolution and an alternate approving the first round of regional broadband consortia grants have been released by the California Public Utilities Commission. No major changes were made and it is now ready for a vote at the commission meeting on Thursday, 1 December 2011.

The commissioners will look at two proposed resolutions. The lead version gives Los Angeles County $1,346,927 in total funding over three years, the alternate proposes $2,310,000. Absent any surprises, the main point of discussion for commissioners will be picking a final number.… More

January funding for California regional broadband consortia

23 November 2011 by Steve Blum
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California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) staff are working through the first batch of regional broadband consortia grant applications. Those seven consortia are on track to be approved at the 1 December 2011 commission meeting and to receive start-up checks in January.
The 20-day public comment window has closed, and so far there’s no indication of any determined opposition. CPUC hasn’t release all of the filed comments, but the ones that are available generally support either the proposed resolution or the alternate version that provides increased funding to Los Angeles County.

Broadband consortia funding moves ahead in California

3 November 2011 by Steve Blum
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California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) staff have finished their initial review of the 15 regional consortia grant applications that were filed in August. Seven consortia have been conditionally approved and the full commission will vote on a formal funding resolution on 1 December.

Legislation approved last year and implemented by the CPUC this year sets aside $10 million from the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) to support regional groups that promote broadband deployment and adoption in rural and urban areas.… More

Most California Counties Represented in Broadband Consortia Grant Applications

6 September 2011 by Steve Blum
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The California Public Utilities Commission has released some information about the regional broadband consortia that filed applications in the initial round of funding from the California Advanced Services Fund. Fifteen consortia made the 22 August 2011 filing deadline, and are in line to be considered for planning and organizational grants totaling $150,000 per year for up to three years. 

The applications come from all over the state. Of the 58 counties in California, only nine – Napa, Marina, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura and Orange – have been left out completely.… More

Final CPUC regional broadband consortia grant documents released

28 June 2011 by Steve Blum
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The California Public Utilities Commission posted the final versions of the application documents for the broadband consortia grant program approved last week. The final documents are posted on the community broadband resources page of my website:


CPUC hasn’t posted a hard deadline for submissions yet, but it’s supposed to be 60 days after the effective date of the decision. That date was 23 June, so adding 60 days to that means a presumed deadline of 22 August 2011.

CPUC approves regional broadband consortia grant program

23 June 2011 by Steve Blum
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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved specific grant requirements today for the regional broadband consortia program established last year by Senate Bill 1040. The grants are funded through the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF). Qualifying regional consortia can apply for up to $150,000 in funding for each of three years ($450,000 total). Applications are due on 23 August 2011. The decision authorizing regional consortia grants, establishing eligibility and setting out application requirements and procedures is available here, along with supporting CPUC documents.