Live from Showstoppers Media Event at MacWorld 2009

Last to first, realtime tweets from Showstoppers event at MacWorld in San Francisco, 5 January 2009…

  • Advice to Truphone: go ahead, stick it to The Man!
  • Truphone guy sez he’s heard about something called hacking somewhere but doesn’t know what it means. Really..
  • I will try Truphone next week from New Zealand, if I can figure out how to load it on my hacked iphone.
  • Drobo showing usual data back up stuff, it’s good but expensive, now offering a Linux NAS.
  • Truphone, Skype potentially very disruptive to mobile model, Newber just seems complicated.
  • Newber at Showstoppers again, integrates iPhone with landline service, adds biz line.
  • Stellar Info Systems intros media content-specialized data recovery utility.
  • Uclick might save editorial cartoonists. What have you done for the planet lately?.
  • Uclick has neat app, puts newspaper cartoons, crossword puzzles on iPhone.
  • Skype introducing screen sharing app, shares videos, powerpoints, spreadsheets, whatever.
  • Skype now selling Boingo wifi access by the minute, paid via Skype account.
  • Skype at MacWorld & Showstoppers too, Skype guy regarding iPhone app: “watch this space”.
  • Truphone runs on other smartphones but first hop is via regular cellular network.
  • Truphone only works via wifi connection, 3G blocked ’cause the The Man say so.
  • At ShowStoppers, truphone is voip app & service for iphone, free or way cheap calls.
  • One kid in line for tomorrow’s MacWorld keynote, being interviewed by 3 reporters.