It's Broadband Week in Sacramento

10 March 2013 by Steve Blum
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It’s a doin’s.

Four days of broadband related meetings are set to begin on Monday in Sacramento.

First up, on Monday afternoon, the assembly utilities and commerce committee plans a hearing on “bridging the digital divide in California: a foundation for a better way of life”. The immediate topic is assembly bill 1299, which would direct California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) money generally toward public housing programs. The draft language is very broad, but there’s been discussion that it’ll be tightened up to focus specifically on smart housing initiatives. I think that’s the better approach.

Tuesday, CASF-funded regional broadband consortia will meet with California Public Utilities Commission staff to assess progress and share ideas. The program started just over a year ago and already has successes to its credit. Visits with local legislators are also scheduled. SB740, which would extended CASF for another five years and expand eligibility for funding, and AB1299 will be high on the list of priorities.

Wednesday morning, the California Broadband Council meets. They’ll discuss broadband initiatives, including telemedicine, libraries and the CASF program. In the afternoon, California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) staff and people from projects it finances will join CPUC and consortia representatives for workshops, presentations and networking. Those sessions last through Thursday.

Topics include best practices for local broadband policy, better use of broadband availability and mapping data, the role of wireless ISPs, and public and private infrastructure funding. Network and engineering executives from AT&T, Verizon and Frontier will take part in a panel discussion. Cable companies declined to participate, choosing to send a lobbyist instead.

No question, this is my idea of fun.