Industrial and commercial broadband action plan, strategy adopted by San Leandro City Council

Seven action plan recommendations and an overall commercial broadband strategy were unanimously adopted last night by the San Leandro City Council. The goal is to bring new jobs, businesses and shoppers into the City’s industrial and commercial areas by developing better broadband infrastructure and availability, and encouraging companies and consumers to take advantage of it.

The strategic vision and specific recommendations were developed by Tellus Venture Associates, working closely with City staff. Businesspeople, major employers, property owners, school officials and the general public were involved throughout the process, participating in online surveys, workshops, one-on-one meetings and other events.

The action items approved last night for implementation are:

1. Formalize and promote existing broadband-friendly practices.
2. Make broadband a standard planning review criterion.
3. Adopt a comprehensive open trench policy.
4. Pursue opportunities for lateral connections to major fiber routes.
5. Support Lit San Leandro on a nondiscriminatory basis.
6. Develop WiFi hotspots in Downtown San Leandro.
7. Support business connections to broadband service.

The City Council immediately followed adoption of the plan with approval for the Broadband Connection Business Incentive Program, which provides local businesses with assistance in connecting to high speed Internet service. The City will continue work on a formal open trench policy and is pursuing grants to fund the construction of lateral fiber connections to Lit San Leandro and other major trunk lines.

Tellus Venture Associates has advised the City of San Leandro throughout its broadband planning process. In addition to developing the commercial broadband strategy adopted last night, Tellus Venture Associates represented the City in negotiating an agreement with Pat Kennedy, a local entrepreneur, for the construction of an 11-mile dark fiber route through the City’s commercial and industrial areas, leading to the launch of Lit San Leandro.

Download the City of San Leandro’s commercial broadband strategic plan

Download the City staff report and action items for the 17 September 2012 city council meeting