Happy holidays

24 December 2013 by Steve Blum

A year full of blogging.

I set up this blog five years ago, after spending a long Saturday at the first Freelance Camp in Santa Cruz, in August 2008. Last year I decided it was time to get serious about it or move on to something else. To find out which, I set a goal of one post a day for the month of December 2012, figuring it would either burn me out on blogging or make it routine part of my business.

One month became two, then three and so it went. Now it’s been one year, with at least one post a day, 7 days a week. My website traffic has increased 10 times and blog views have gone up by a factor of 100, and climbing. And I’m having a lot of fun doing it. Sometimes too much fun, like when I try drafting a quick post early in the morning, then glance at the clock a little while later and see that it’s past noon.

Money being the sincerest form of flattery notwithstanding, the true reward for a writer is to be read. I’m grateful for all the comments I’ve received over the past year, pro and con, constructive and otherwise. To those of you who have found this blog useful, for good or ill: thank you very much. You’ve repaid my work many times over and I am in your debt.

(The most comments – nearly all positive – have been on the pictures I’ve used to make a point. No coincidence that I’ve enjoyed choosing those images the most).

Looking ahead, I aim to stay the same course. Daily posts on topics that are important or, sometimes, just interesting will continue, although I won’t worry so much about missing a day occasionally. I’m just going to enjoy it.

Merry Christmas!