Happy holidays, and a huge thank you to everyone who browsed this blog in 2017

25 December 2017 by Steve Blum

If you’re reading this holiday post, then you truly are a dedicated reader. I’m thoroughly grateful for your interest. 2017 has been a wonderful year in many respects, but a writer’s greatest joy is to be read. Thank you for making this daily excursion into cyberspace so rewarding.
I hit a major milestone this month: five years of uninterrupted daily posts, at least one per day, every day, seven days a week. It’s been a pleasure and, it appears, useful. Readership has been at or near the 5,000 views per month mark for much of the year, not counting distribution via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, which together generate thousands more monthly impressions.
The 10 most clicked posts of 2017 included six about the CenturyLink/Level 3 deal, with one getting nearly 6,000 views by itself.
There was no particular pattern to the rest of the top ten. One was about the City of Gonzales’ plan to buy Internet service for every residence in town, while another was a routine write up of 4K television forecasts presented at the Consumer Electronics Show – I’ll be following that up in a couple of weeks, when CES rolls around again.
A post from 2016 about AT&T’s deceptive talking points regarding its plans to replace rural copper networks with wireless service and another from 2015 about low cost service promises made by Frontier Communications rounded out the 10 most read list. These are topics that will have even more urgency next year as AT&T and Frontier begin to meet, or not, their federally subsidised obligations to upgrade broadband service in rural California.
But the most readership comes from people, probably a lot like you, who make it a regular habit to surf to the main page of this blog, browse through the posts and, sometimes, let me know if I gotten it right or wrong. I’m particularly thankful for your kind attention, and I’m looking forward to proving myself worthy of it in 2018.
Thank you!