Feds launch lawyers at California net neutrality law, on high political alert

30 September 2018 by Steve Blum
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That didn’t take long.

Less than two hours after the announcement that governor Jerry Brown signed senate bill 822 and made network neutrality the law of the land in California, the federal government struck back. The federal justice department filed a lawsuit challenging it with the federal district court – the eastern district – that covers Sacramento.

They had their finger on the button. Two filings and the obligatory press release were ready to go. One is a complaint, um, complaining that California “seeks to second-guess the Federal Government’s regulatory approach”.


The other asks for a permanent injunction that would squash California’s net neutrality law.

It’s Sunday, so it’s a fair conclusion that the rush to the courthouse door is political rather than an exercise in legal professionalism. But the complaint and motion for injunction will be waiting when Sacramento-based federal judges punch in tomorrow morning.