CPUC will wait another month to vote on establishing broadband jurisdiction

27 June 2015 by Steve Blum
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The California Public Utilities Commission kicked the Comcast can down the road a month. It was supposed to take up two competing proposals for closing out Comcast’s failed purchase of Time Warner’s cable systems and market swaps with Charter this week, but the decision was pushed off to the commission’s 23 July 2015 meeting. A third alternative is also expected to be on the agenda that day.

The options in front of the CPUC are…

The commission should take option #2 – establish its right to consider broadband impacts in its deliberations and say that monopoly (or, in some cases, duopoly) control of the broadband service that’s available to the vast majority of Californian homes is unacceptable. With three similar, if smaller, deals on the table – Charter buying Time Warner and Bright House, Frontier taking over Verizon’s wireline systems – it’s an important decision to take.