Breaking: California’s RDOF incentive plan released, $150 million offered to bidders in targeted communities. Maybe

23 October 2020 by Steve Blum
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A list of census block groups eligible for subsidies from both the federal Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) and, provisionally, the California Advanced Services Fund was posted on the California Public Utilities Commission’s website late today.

The plan is to make CASF money available to Internet service providers that want to compete for federal subsidies in the neediest Californian communities, in order to incentivise them to bid more aggressively in the RDOF reverse auction. As much as $150 million might be available.

Unfortunately, it’s just a plan and the details won’t be finalised until December at the earliest. The auction begins next Thursday.

According to the explanation posted:

These CBGs were selected for Kicker funding from among the final 370,986 RDOF Eligible Locations for California, as issued by the FCC on October 8, 202, given that each census area has at least 1 of 3 CPUC-selected criteria: 1. Low linear density of RDOF locations passed by roadway mileage. 2. Low income population. 3. Tribal lands. The intent of Kicker funding for these selected areas is to support RDOF Phase I (AU 904) winning bidders with state funds to allow the development of broadband networks in these financially challenging areas of California.

Expect more details in the coming days, I’ll post them as I get them.