Court rules FCC out of bounds on network neutrality

14 January 2014 by Steve Blum
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Leaving the neutral zone.

The FCC can’t tell Internet service providers how to manage their traffic and pricing schemes. That was the ruling this morning from a federal appeals court that said the commission can’t prevent service providers from blocking subscribers from a particular website or type of service – video streaming, for example – or charging more to access it.

In doing so, the court agreed with the two republican-appointed commissioners, Ajit Pai and Michael Rielly, who said last week that the FCC’s network neutrality rules went beyond what congress had allowed.… More

Wheeler's success as FCC chair hinges on his enthusiasm for intervention

9 January 2014 by Steve Blum
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So far, so collegial at the FCC, commissioners Pai and Rosenworcel at CES.

Chairman Tom Wheeler’s intention of enforcing a “network compact” via the FCC’s Internet neutrality rule – the open Internet order – won’t go down well with republican-appointed commissioners, but his idea of case by case review might.

“The open internet order was a solution in search of a problem”, said commissioner Ajit Pai at CES yesterday. “The FCC lacks the authority to promulgate the rule”.… More

FCC chair Wheeler pushes network neutrality regulation

8 January 2014 by Steve Blum
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If he sees a foul, Wheeler is ready to throw a flag.

Tom Wheeler, the new chairman of the FCC, left no doubt today that he intends to enforce network neutrality rules. Speaking at CES, he made it clear that the FCC will play a central role in regulating the relationship between Internet service providers and their customers.

The first question is exactly how much power the FCC has to regulate the way Internet service is delivered.… More